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Breathable Membranes (8)

Dry Verge and Dry Fix (4)

Easy Fix (10)

Easy Site Xtra - Construction Essentials (2)

Easy Vent U - Ultimate Ventilation Range (6)

Eaves Protection Products (2)

Lead Replacement Products (6)

Maxi-Torch Bituminous Membranes (8)

Non Breathable Membranes (1)

Weatherproofing (9)

Sealants & Adhesives (3)

Vapour Control Layer (9)

Waterproofing (5)

A moisture tolerant, cold applied waterproofing coating reinforced with a high concentrate of glass fibres. An effective and economical solution for the repair of concrete, fibre cement, metal, felt, mastic, asphalt and bitumen coated roofs. With no requirement for primer, application is quick and simple.

Available in 5 kg and 20 kg tins

Colour: Dark grey

Fiba-Pol Fibred Roof Repair