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Supporting Women In Roofing

We are proud to be a headline sponsor for this year’s Women in Roofing annual conference “Choosing Change”.

Founded in 2014, Women In Roofing seeks to bring together individuals within the industry to promote a positive culture for change, fairness, inclusion and respect; all values that Easy-trim places a great deal of importance upon.

Not only is the Women In Roofing headed up by a previous member of the Easy-trim team, Lynn Street, we are keen to support the event as the theme of ‘change’ really resonates with us. We believe that while the industry is making great inroads in many ways, there is still a significant way to go in respect of areas such as training, diversity and regulations.

In addition to this, Easy-trim as a company is undergoing momentous changes as we continue to invest in production and manufacturing.  From alterations to our internal company structure and approach to recruitment, to attitudes to environmental impacts with our packaging, Easy-trim are very much ‘Choosing Change’.

The Women In Roofing 2019 Conference takes place on the 24th of June at Vox in Birmingham with Dinner and an awards ceremony in the evening.

Click here for details of the day’s agenda and to book tickets.