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Devastating News Hits the Easy-Trim Family

At Easy-Trim we pride ourselves on the people who make our business. Most recently however, our work family here was shattered with some heartbreaking news. Our Area Sales Manager, Graeme Thow was told that his 15 year old son unfortunately is suffering from two cancerous brain tumors.

This is a lot to take in and words cannot even begin to describe or understand the pure emotions running through the family. Two years ago, Kieran struggled to eat and was taken to see a health professional. After many tests and investigations he was diagnosed with a condition called anorexia nervosa – an eating disorder. He had dropped to a dangerously low weight which is one of the characteristics of anorexia nervosa along with, fear of gaining weight, and a strong desire to be thin, resulting in food restriction. However, this wasn’t like Kieran at all, but as this was the findings by the medical professionals and so he began treatment for this condition.

In March this year, his eyesight deteriorated quite rapidly and he was referred to the hospital for further testing and observation. Unfortunately it was these tests that have led to the heartbreaking news that unfortunately Kieran has been miss-diagnosed and was not suffering from anorexia nervosa as previously diagnosed. In just three weeks, Kieran’s world and the world of those closest to him has been turned on its head.

He has now been diagnosed with two cancerous brain tumors. As you can imagine emotions are running extremely high and his dad, Graeme has been one of the strongest people we know.

Kieran’s brain tumors are deep within his brain and therefore will present complicated problems regarding treatment but we are all extremely positive and we have everything crossed for his fight against cancer. He is now receiving treatment at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh who have been nothing but amazing. Graeme has nothing but praise and kind words towards them. In addition to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, the family have received ongoing support from Cancer Research. They are the charity that have been focus for many of the fundraising activity and where donations should be made.

As part of his brave battle, Kieran is about to face four sessions of intensive chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy treatment. This will give him a chance at the life he desperately deserves. He is due to turn 16 in September this year, and it goes without saying that no one should have to deal with this let alone a child of his age. We want to try and make some happy memories for him during this difficult time and try and give him positive things to look forward to.

Unfortunately, as a result of these brain tumors, Kieran now has permanent damage to his pituitary gland. This will cause ongoing symptoms for him but throughout it all he has remained positive and a true inspiration to those around him. In just 6 weeks he has come such a long way from where he was and finally he is getting the treatment he needs for the right condition.

A quotation from Graeme Thow

Football – Chelsea in particular, Formula 1 and Lego play a huge part in what makes him happy. We have contacted each on behalf of the family to try and organise some treats, to take his mind off things and with the hope it might just make things a little easier at this difficult time.

Chelsea FC have got back in contact with us to arrange a day where Kieran can go down to a training session and meet the players, talk to them, have photos and get their autographs. This will be an amazing experience for him and one which we cannot thank the club enough for providing to him.

Kieran’s older brother has had full support from his girlfriend, Hannah, although she is currently pregnant with their child and due in June/July, she was unfortunate to lose her father at a young age to cancer. As a result she has always been involved in the Cancer Research Race for Life Events as they have always been close to her heart.

Normally she has ran the 5K but this year in September and despite the fact it falls not long after she has given birth she will be taking part as an athlete in the 10K Race for Life Pretty Muddy event. This year is more prominent than ever, with two people close to her suffering at the hands of cancer, one who has lost their battle whilst one still fights on we wanted to support her on this journey. Hannah, has setup a fundraising page, should anyone wish to donate, all money will go direct to Cancer Research. Now more than ever we need to be supporting this cause and finding a cure for cancer, she has smashed her £300 target however, how great would it be if we could reach £1000+.

Please help us to help fight and support Kieran in his battle against cancer. You can find Hannah’s page here where you will be able to DONATE NOW. Every little helps, and every single donation is greatly appreciated.