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Easy-Trim Fleet of Vehicles Continues to Expand

Easy-Trim are proud to announce the expansion of our vehicle fleet with the recent purchase of two brand new artic lorries. We have invested in the Mercedes-Benz Actros which is a heavy duty truck perfect for long distance haulage, heavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage. It couldn’t be more ideal for our requirements.

All branded with our logos and branding, see if you can spot us on the road! Look out for our fleet of articulated Lorries, merchandising vans and even our very own Easy-Trim burger van! Presently we have a fleet of five vehicles however; we are hoping to continuously increase this number as we continue to strive to provide the best service for our customers.

Photo of one of the lorries included in our vehicle fleet

We noted that there was a requirement for a number of new vehicles due to a rapid expansion in quite a short space of time. The roofing industry is growing rapidly and as a company we are at the centre of this, if we don’t adapt accordingly then we would simply be left behind and this is not a position we are prepared to find ourselves in.

The addition of such vehicles to our existing fleet will now mean that we can provide a more efficient service to our customers and a greater delivery network at a much more competitive price. Vehicle fleet expansion for us was an essential investment and one which we will be making further investments in the future. This investment will enhance business potential because we now have more flexibility, which in turn opens new doors and leads to further growth opportunities.

Jamie Govier, Managing Director – Easy-Trim, comments: “We continue to monitor our nationwide vehicle fleet and this recent investment reflects the rapid expansion of the company but also the need for our own transport. Customers can get product  direct to them without the need for a third party delivery, also we can keep full control over delivery costs meaning any savings can be passed to the customer.”

Transport is without any doubt, a key part of our business, without it our product would not reach the merchants, the builders, the construction projects and ultimately the end user. Having our own dedicated fleet of modern vehicles ensures that our entire product arrives on time and in perfect condition which sometimes cannot be guaranteed with other delivery methods.

Easy Trim Transport Fleet Vehicle

We recently took on a new employee, our Transport Manager Jaymie Booth who has had a vast amount of experience. Through selecting a diverse range of vehicles to add to our fleet from the large articulated lorries right the way down to our burger van ensures that we have suitable transport and vehicles for every requirement.

Jaymie Booth, Transport Manager – Easy-Trim, comments: “Now having a bigger fleet, we can now cover more of the UK and Scotland with full vehicles on dedicated dates. We like to work with the customers so they get the Products when they require it. In the future we will be looking to increase our fleet in order to meet increased demand from the market.”

Keep an eye out for Easy Trim on the road! For more information regarding delivery of our products then speak to our friendly sales team. Contact Us Today!