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‘Green Is The New Black’ Week

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips entering 2022.  The issue surrounding the climate problems are rife within society and businesses acting sustainably is now imperative, not just personal choice. At Easy-Trim we like to think we take sustainability pledges seriously, and we act to not only comply to this ethos but to drive it, promoting the commitments as much as we can. 2021 saw us hosting a ‘paperless’ headline stand at the UK Construction Week Build Show where we pledged to plant 350 trees and we adapted our packaging ensuring it is more sustainable. The acquisition of Easy-Trim and waste reprocessing company, EcoVyn, also demonstrates our dedication to the cause.

We are committed to helping the environment and creating a sustainable future. This focus is our core strategy, so we are constantly looking to implement projects that can make a positive change to improve our environmental standpoint and continue our sustainability journey. Everyone now knows what Black Friday is and unfortunately, the mentality around Black Friday now focuses mainly on consumerism, without much thought for the planet or it’s people. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to change our Black Friday strategy and implement a project that is able to give back in a direct way – Green Friday!  But why pledge to plant trees for one day when there are 5 working days in the week! That’s why we decided to host ‘GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK’ week.

On Monday 22nd – Friday 26th inclusive, we will be working with our friend at (More:Trees ) again and pledge to plant a tree for EVERY order placed.

Our Managing Director Jamie Govier stated “Sustainability commitments are so important right now, especially following COP 26 in Glasgow. However, as a company we are passionate about driving this and lowering our carbon footprint as much as possible. This passion will live on as long as the Easy-Trim doors are open.”

Making a profit is important to any company, but for us, giving some green back to the planet is more important. We hope that the response to this project is well received, and our customers see the incentive within our campaign and opt to make a direct change to the environment.  Sustainability…that’s what we’re talking about.