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New British Standard (BS) 8612 Aims to Raise the Bar!


At the end of January 2018, a new Dry Fix Standard, BS 8612 was launched and ultimately shook the industry. This standard now defines the minimum performance criteria for any dry fix products brought onto the market. Here at Easy-Trim we wanted to explain the reasons behind the introduction of the new British Standard and what this means for Dry Fixing methods going forwards as well as introduce you to our Approved Contractor Training Scheme.

For sometime now there has been widespread problems associated with the use of mortar on roofs. The publication of a new NHBC Technical Standard along with an update to BS 5534 prompted an increase in dry fix ridge, hip and verge. As a result there has been exponential growth within the dry fix market and we have seen our own rapid growth here at Easy-Trim. Whilst positive for any company, the combination of growth and changes to industry standards and guidelines has resulted in an array of competing dry fix systems being brought to market of varying performance and quality, with no real standard to govern these until now.

The surge in growth of the market has attracted suppliers who are keen to capture market share without necessarily providing a product of appropriate standard. The standard ensures that now there is a minimum performance quality in place which products have to meet. Prior to the introduction of the standard there has been no real control over the standard of dry fix systems but an on going pressure for contractors to drive down costs for their customers. Due to this pressure construction products originally specified by architects, designers or clients are then being substituted for what is perceived as an equivalent. The reality is that unfortunately they are not of the same specification and thus, problems arise in relation to quality, guarantees, weather resistance and also their overall environmental performance.

Ultimately product selection falls into the hands of the roofer, builder or contractor. BS8612 aims to prevent cheaper, lower quality products being manufactured without them having complied and reached an industry standard giving the roofer, builder or contractor real peace of mind when selecting their product.

As true British Manufacturers you can rest assured that our products here at Easy-Trim are all tested to meet and exceed the standards stipulated in BS8612: Dry Fix Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems.

Manufacturers will have to conform to specific aspects of technical performance and there will be greater transparency all round which can only be good for the industry as a whole.

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