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PolyureCoat Training Courses

polyurecoat training demonstration Easy-Trim offers customers full product demonstrations across our whole range of products and training to ensure full usability. We wanted to notify you about a fantastic offering we are currently running in relation to our PolyureCoat Training Courses, simply secure your place for just £150 but then get this back in vouchers to spend on product when you have completed 3 installations.

What Does the PolyureCoat Training Course Involve?

The course is delivered over one day, and it will consist of a morning presentation showing the product, how it is used and this will be followed by a practical examination. Offered at 7 various locations across the country we can bring training as close to you as possible although we can only have a maximum of eight people on each training course. This is to ensure that there is no overcrowding and you get the close training that’s required.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Approved Contractor?

You will have increased confidence in using the product, but you will see a huge difference in the end result achieved once you have received full training and can know and understand how to apply the product in various conditions.

In addition though you will also receive access to extended warranties with Easy-Trim, normally we offer a 10 year warranty however, if you become an Approved Contractor we double this, giving you a extended 20 year warranty!

On our website feature an approved contractor list, and once you have been on the training course, had your three jobs vetted and become an approved contractor then you will be added to the list of contractors meaning people can search you and ultimately contact for business.

How Can I Become an Approved Contractor?

Just follow these simple steps and you can be well on your way to becoming an Easy-Trim Approved Contractor.

PolyureCoat Training Steps

Our Latest Training Course

On Thursday 9th February 2018, our Managing Director took a training course at our training facility located in Rugby, Warwickshire. The course was attended by delegates from the surrounding areas and a great day was had by all. We are looking forward to seeing the completed three projects and approving the practical examinations from this.

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For more information on our PolyureCoat Training Course please call us on 0845 034 6008 or you can email sales@easy-trim.co.uk. Alternatively if you wish, you can simply book your place today!