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Staff Spotlight: 20 Q&A’s by the easy-trim Coffee Machine

Rachael, Marketing Director at Easy TrimAllow for us to introduce you to Rachael Gibson who is our Marketing Director here at Easy-Trim.

She is responsible for all things Marketing, such as the development and implementation of the Brand strategy.

Rachael also oversees implementation of the Marketing strategy – including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.


1) How would you describe your day job at easy-trim?

First I go through my emails and diary and work out what’s priority for the day.  The day can then entail anything from writing copy, design briefs, assisting the sales team, planning events etc. Every day brings something different!

2) What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Literally? My alarm clock.  Metaphorically, as in what motivates me? I’ve worked hard at easy-trim to build the brand from scratch so along with money of course, the company’s success and growth is important to me.

3) Before easy-trim, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had and why?
I’ve worked as a temp packing Cadburys chocolates between terms at Uni. Interesting – no! Repetitive – yes, but ohhhhh the smell……!!

4) If you could switch job roles with anyone here, what would you be doing?
Hmmmm possibly Garry as he always seems to be out and about working on various projects.

5) What do you like the most about your job and what are your biggest challenges?

Due to the rate at which the company has grown, it’s always very fast paced so every day is both busy and different.
Challenging – I would say having Jamie as an MD!  He’s very passionate about the company so tries to be involved in every aspect, and considering how busy the place always is, it can be quite trying!

6) If you could change one thing right now about your job what would it be?

The kitchen facilities!! Lol!

7) Tell us about your favourite memory to date at easy-trim?

One that springs to mind is at the Build Show in 2016.  We were hosting a ‘happy hour’ on our 200m2 stand, and at one point you couldn’t move for people.  We had TV crews interviewing Jamie and TV’s George Clarke, our merchandiser doing product demonstrations and all sorts of stuff going on,  and I was stood on a chair streaming live on social media.  Just how busy we were and the volume of people there was quite surreal considering where we’d come from back in 2013 when I joined the company.

8) When you’re not working at easy-trim what do you get up to?

No exciting hobbies to report. I love to shop and eat and that’s about it!

9) What is your biggest achievement in life to date?

Cheesy but my six year old daughter Lydia who’s a little star, and juggling family life whilst also carving out a career.

10)What is the most important thing you have learned in the last 5 years?

Be true to who you are and voice your opinion.  If you don’t, you only end up with regrets. 2016 wasn’t a great year and it taught me that you honestly don’t know what is around the corner.  Life’s too short for regrets.

11) If you could pick anyone, dead or alive to be your life mentor who would it be and why?

Ooh that’s a tough one! Someone like Jo Malone maybe?  She started with nothing and took something she was passionate about and made her fortune.  Or maybe Mary Berry, she’s a bit the same AND she can make awesome cake!

12) What is your guilty pleasure?

Chilli heatwave Doritos and a sour cream and chive dip!

13) If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

Play the piano. I’ve given it a go but stumpy little fingers didn’t help! I’d also like to speak Italian!

14) What is your life motto or personal mantra?

Do unto others as they would do unto you.

15) Tell us the one thing you hate the most?

Slow/Over cautious drivers – pick up the pace people!!

16) Tell us the one thing you cannot live without?


17) What is your hidden talent or party trick?

Jeeees, I don’t think I have one!  Does that make me boring?!

18) If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

Probably Roast beef dinner – traditional kinda gal!

19) What three traits best describe you?

Impatient. Forgetful. Direct.

20) If you came back as an animal what would you be and why?

A cat. What a life they lead – a degree of independence whilst also getting to laze around without a care in the world!

And the coffee is up! Thank you to Rachael for taking some time out her day at easy-trim to let us have the scoop inside their job at easy-trim.

Keep your eyes peeled for more staff spotlights: 20 Q&A’s by the easy-trim coffee machine – coming soon!